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Grrr8 Dog Treats
Grrr8 Dog Treats
Grrr8 Dog Treats
Item#: grrr8-dog-treat8
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Product Description
Grrr8 Dog Treats is a California based company that caters to the pet owner that seeks the finest treats for their dogs. We look to spotlight the benefits of healthy living for pets by baking fresh, handmade treats that are healthy, wholesome and all-natural. Grrr8 Dog Treats are free of sodium, sugars, fillers, corn, wheat, dyes and preservatives. Because our dogs give us their best every day, Grrr8 Dog Treats believes that we should provide nothing the best for them in return.

$10.99 Grrr8t Apple 6oz $10.99 Grrr8t Salmon 6oz $10.99 Grrr8t PB 6oz $10.99 Grrr8t Carrot 6oz $10.99 Grrr8t Liver 6oz $10.99 Grrr8t Pumpkin 6oz