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Rolled Leather Collars
Rolled Leather Collars
Rolled Leather Collars
Item#: rolled-leather-collars
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Product Description
These gorgeous rolled dog collars are handcrafted in the USA and made of full-grain bridle leather. The rolled collars are formed and stitched and the edges are beveled and polished to create the round shape. Made with bright nickel-plated hardware, die-cast buckle, welded "D" ring, and capped rivets. Oak Tanned Round Collars are beautiful, smooth and will not mat hair. They are the perfect choice for long-haired dogs or dogs with sensitive skin.

Sizing: Toy Breeds - Small Dogs - buckle-end style. 3/8" width (10", 12", 14") 5/8" width (16")

Medium - Large Dogs - extended "D" ring for strength. 3/4" width (18", 20") 1" width (22", 24")