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Sample Leather Collars- Pink
Sample Leather Collars- Pink
Sample Leather Collars- Pink
Item#: sample-leather-collars-pink
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Collar Color:  Collar Length with Collar Width: 

Product Description
Enjoy Customizing Your Dog's Own Unique Leather Collar! Choose From a Large Variety of Leather Colors and Decorative Medallions. The Decorations Can Be Mixed and Matched Within Respective Collar Ratio. These Custom Leather Collars are Made From the Finest Bridle Leather and the Decorative Medallions are Made of Nickel Metal.

Custom Leather Collar Sizing Chart:

Collar Length-12" Neck Circumference- 8"-10"

Collar Length-14" Neck Circumference- 10"-12"

Collar Length-16" Neck Circumference- 11"-13"

Collar Length-18" Neck Circumference- 12"-15"

Collar Length-20" Neck Circumference- 14"-17"

Collar Length-22" Neck Circumference- 16"-19"

Collar Length-24" Neck Circumference- 18"-21"

Collar Length-26" Neck Circumference- 20"-23"

Collar Length-28" Neck Circumference- 22"-25"

Collar Length-30" Neck Circumference- 24"-27"